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Breeding for the Post-COVID-19 Cow

(Published by Progressive Dairy, May 2020)

COVID-19-induced crisis mode is creating a scramble for short-term, and sometimes shortsighted, adjustments. Unfortunately, a narrow “right now” mindset doesn’t work for genetic plans.

Four Ways to Improve Employee Performance Without a Bonus

(Published by Progressive Dairy, February 2020)

What is the best way to motivate your employees to improve their work performance? This is a common question of farmers hiring full-time employees. In addition to basic wages, many employers offer pay bonuses to encourage good job performance.

Dairy Farming in the Cloud

(Published by Progressive Dairy, February 2020)

You don’t need technology to milk cows. But it sure makes it a lot easier.  In the past few decades, many dairies have switched from physical cow cards to computerized herd management systems.

Six Reasons Your Timed A.I. Program is Failing

(Published by Progressive Dairy, January 2020)

Timed A.I. can enhance pregnancy rates and efficiency, but protocols are not bulletproof. If results seem subpar, take a whole dairy investigative approach. Reproduction drives everything on a dairy. And nearly everything affects reproduction.

6 Basic Needs of Dairy Cows and the Simple Signs They are Not Being Met

(Published by Progressive Dairy, December 2019)

Dairy farming has become an increasingly complex activity today, mostly due to its multidisciplinary demands. It is essential for dairy farmers and their advisers to take a broad 360-degree view of the business.

The Future of Animal Health is Here

(Published by Progressive Dairy, November 2019)

Most humans consider caring for animals a moral responsibility. But for farmers, it is more than this. It is a farmer’s fundamental purpose to nurture and protect animals. Their livelihood depends on being compassionate toward another living creature. A healthy animal is a productive animal.

Five Tips to Make Employee Training and Retention More Effective

(Published by Progressive Dairy, July 2019)

Since 1970, the number of dairy farms in the U.S. has dropped by more than 93%, from more than 640,000 to around 40,000 in 2018. In an industry dominated by large organizations, smaller family farms face constant economic challenges.

Laying Out a Beef on Dairy Business Plan

(Published by Progressive Dairy, February 2019)

Operating a business without a plan is like going on a road trip without directions. A wanderlust attitude might lead to some interesting paths, but it will not get you to your destination quickly or efficiently. Taking such a whimsical approach could ultimately jeopardize your livelihood.

Beyond Generic: Why You Should Create Custom Genetics

(Published by Progressive Dairy, January 2019)

“If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”

—General George S. Patton Jr., one of the top U.S. commanders in World War II

4 Lies You Have Heard About Dairy Genetics

(Published by Progressive Dairy, November 2018)

Sometimes we limit ourselves because we don’t know our options – or have heard misrepresentations about what is possible. Many past unachievable efficiencies or techniques are now a standard part of everyday life, on and off the farm.

Defining a Profitable Cow

(Published by Progressive Dairy, September 2018)

Operations need ongoing, strategic production plans focused toward impactful areas to the business. Long-term profit revolves around every single business unit having production plan alignment and consistent efficiency. A single business unit, in our industry, is an individual cow.

Four Cliches of a Successful Breeding Program

(Published by Progressive Dairy, By Mandy Schmidt- Nov 2017) 

Gandhi seemed to have known what he was talking about when it came to breeding a profitable herd of cows when he said, “The future depends on what you do today.”

Breeding From the Inside Out

(Published by Progressive Dairy- Oct 2017) 

Historically, dairy cattle breeders had limited tools to work with. Genetic selection was based only on what could be seen. Today though, to maximize efficiency and productivity, producers should shift their mindsets to making genetic progress by fixing what’s inside the cow.

Harnessing the power of hybrid vigor

(Published by Progressive Dairy- Feb 2017) 

The plan for breeding the perfect cow for your operation may not be black and white; adding some color with a crossbreeding program can help to capture the best traits for health, fertility and production. 

Winter Dips: 6 Things You Need to Know for 2017

(Published by Dr. Roger Thomson, DVM- Jan 2017) 

There are six issues that predispose a herd to the sudden onset of horizontal skin cracks..... 

Breed Like a Boss- "Breeding Through the Eyes of a CFO"

(Published by Progressive Dairyman, Oct 2016) 

Good luck in business is financial strategy in disguise. The most successful business owner have a financial game plan. Talent and hard work can only take a business so far..... 

Prevent Fresh Cow Failures with Genetic Presdisposition

(Published by Progressive Dairyman, Aug 2016)

Would you invest in something that causes metritis, ketosis or mastitis? You probably already have....

Where Genetics & Profitability Meet

(Published by Texas Dairy Ag Review, May 2016) Why do you do what you do? The feed you put in the mixer, the bedding you use in the free stalls and teat dip you put in the parlor have a practical, economical purpose. Read More....

Pretty Pictures Don't Make Profitable Cows

(Published in Progressive Dairyman, Feb 2016) Take a moment and make a mental picture of the most profitable cow in your barn. Is she the stylish, large-framed and open-ribbed 2-year-old who catches everyone's eye? ...

Focus on Reproduction

(Published in Holstein News, Feb 2016)  Q&A format on why TransitionRight was created by ABS for the industry.  We spoke with Mitch Amundson, ABS Global’s Global Dairy Brand Manager, about the developmentof this index and how Holstein breeders can utilize this information within their herd...

TransitionRight Genetics Prevents Transition Cow Disorders

(Published in Progressive Dairyman, Aug 2016) Introducing a new genetic selection tool to global dairy farmers – TransitionRight Genetics. This technology will help to resolve the age-old struggles of how to prevent and react to health issues that arise during the transition cow period...

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